• My First House—with Dorothy Kern

    My First House—with Dorothy Kern

    Growing up in pricey San Francisco, Dorothy Kern wasn’t sure that she’d ever be able to buy a house. Today Kern, 39, is back in California where she and her husband are raising their 12-year-old daughter. Tucked away in her home are dozens of photos of that first house in Arizona, as a reminder that dreams do come true.

  • My First Job—with Byron Talbott

    My First Job—with Byron Talbott

    Byron Talbott was 15 years old when he landed his first job—scooping ice cream at a Baskin Robbins. Now married, with a 3-year-old and another child on the way, Talbott is an accomplished chef.  He and his wife own a production company, and he has taken his food expertise to the internet, creating recipes and videos in his Thousand Oaks, California, home to share with the world. Talbott worked hard and rose through the ranks at his first job.

  • My First Car—with Kelly Dixon

    My First Car—with Kelly Dixon

    When Kelly Dixon graduated from college and landed a job teaching first grade, she headed to the car dealership to buy her first new car. Now 33 and married with two kids and two dogs, Dixon is the blogger behind Smart School House, a fun-filled DIY extravaganza born from her love of Pinterest and family-friendly activities. Dixon, whose easygoing DIY crafts have earned her 1.7 million social media followers, also published a book based on her website, Smart School House Crafts for Kids.